About Us

Cricket Club Wettingen is formed due to the ever-increasing interest and enthusiasm in the game of cricket, by the local cricket enthusiasts, living in the areas, in and around Wettingen. We have formally registered our Club with the Wettingen Gemeinde. Apart from Senior Cricket, we are also committed to develop Junior (Under 18 years) and Women’s Cricket at our Club.

The club is open to members who live or work in Switzerland, although it is registered in Wettingen.

CCW already has members from neighboring communities such as Baden, Obersiggenthal, Untersiggenthal, Windisch, etc. and also from other canton except those who live in Wettingen.

Our Mission

Build a platform, that provides equal opportunities and facilities, to people of all ages and gender, to play and enjoy the Game of Cricket, in a positive environment and bring awareness and promote Cricket, in all its forms, in Switzerland, through Respect, Equality, Unity and Fair-play

Our Vision

We strive to be among the Finest Cricket Clubs that

  • Supports and promotes the Game of Cricket in Switzerland
  • Provides equal opportunities to both women and men to play the sport and prove their mettle in the cricketing field
  • Nurtures and Fosters the cricketing talent within youngsters through coaching
  • Acts as a source for the best cricketing talents in Switzerland and
  • Integrates people from all walks of life, through the Game of Cricket